[Matroska-devel] Bug? Seeking single video frames in MP4 container

Guido Junker guido.junker at arcor.de
Fri Sep 11 18:54:06 CEST 2009

Analysing several kind of video formats I found out
that there seems to be a bug in Haali's media splitter:
Given a MP4 container with embedded media stream (e.g. AVC1, MP4V):
Seeking a single frame with IMediaDet.GetBitmapBits (time, ...)
always retrieves the very first frame of the video stream.
If I stream the whole stream with ISampleGrabber
there is no problem - everything is streamed.
If I change to Gabest splitter there is no problem
seeking a frame with IMediaDet.GetBitmapBits (time, ...).
So to me it looks like there is a bug in the interaction
between Haali splitter and decoders.

Greetings, Guido.

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