[Matroska-devel] Interesting interaction between Haali Media Splitter and Radeon 4870

Daniel Lundberg danlun76 at yahoo.se
Wed Nov 25 07:31:52 CET 2009

I've recently been investigating an annoying issue with my GPU and while I'm not entirely sure what my findings mean I felt it appropriate to bring it to your attention.

In short my Radeon 4870 clocks itself up to the BIOS default clocks of 750/900MHz as soon as I play any video that relies on GPU-supported decoding, regardless of what my actual user settings for the card specify.

While testing various videos and players to try and isolate the issue I've since learned that while the card always clocks up it only refuses to clock down under specific circumstances.

For example I can play Quicktime-, Windows Media- or MP4-contained video with GPU-supported decoding and the card will clock back down after stopping playback. I can also play Matroska-contained video with GPU-supported decoding through Media Player Classic - Home Cinema, using that programs internal decoder, and have the card clock back down upon stopping playback.

However, if I install the Haali Media Splitter and play a Matroska-contained video in WMP12 or in MPC-HC, when replacing the internal splitter, the card flat out refuses to budge from the 750/900MHz clocks, either up or down, by any means short of a reboot.

I'm trying to sort out the reasons as to why the card clocks up to speeds that disregard my user settings in the first place with Sapphire but since my findings points toward some interaction with the Haali Media Splitter that ends up locking the clocks down hard in 3D mode I thought that might be worthwhile to mention here as well.

If there's any interest in examining the issue further I'd be happy to provide further details as best I can.

Thanks for reading!

/Daniel Lundberg

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