[Matroska-devel] Consecutive order of timecodes in SimpleBlocks?

Liisachan seelie at faireal.net
Mon Nov 16 14:31:40 CET 2009

I don't really know but that sounds to me like
Decode Order vs Playback Order of b-frames.

The numbers 42 84 126... sound like typical
24000/1001-fps frame time stamps (as always rounded-up).
0:00:00.041 708 333
0:00:00.083 416 667
0:00:00.125 125 000

 > I mean.. if I want to extract the stream to play it back.. do I realy

*If* I'm guessing right you can play back your stream in that 'strange' 
order; that's the order the decoder expects, and re-ordering
would probably just confuse your decoder.

Aya Koshigaya wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a question about mkv-file format.
> When I read the ebml-structure I get some clusters and inside these  
> clusters a lot of SimpleBlocks
> So far no problem..
> But, when I then read the SimpleBlocks the timecode of each block  
> isn't consecutive.. (but only in the last two clusters..)
> The First block has a timecode value of "42".. the next one "0", then  
> "126", followed by "84", "209", "167" ...
> Shouldn't they be ascending like they are in all other clusters?
> I mean.. if I want to extract the stream to play it back.. do I realy  
> need to sort the blocks first? (Run trough them to find the correct  
> one is the same as sorting them.. ^^)
> Thanks,
> Aya
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