[Matroska-devel] Proposal for future EBML

Remco Bloemen remco at qubis.nl
Tue May 12 00:03:24 CEST 2009

Dear Matroska and ebml developers,

First of all, thank you for this sensible and efficient standard! It is just 
wonderful how the ebml element overhead can be as low as the size of an '<' 
character in an utf16 encoded xml document :)

About three years ago there where some messages in the mailing list about a 
future ebml specification which would include things like namespaces and a 
schema. I am working on a concrete proposal for such an extension. The draft 
proposal can be found at:


I am also working on a lean C# implementation of this proposal which I will  
release when it is ready. I might port it to C++ should this be useful.

Main Question: Is there still interest in a future version of ebml? If so, I 
would appreciate it if you review my proposal. Should a rationale be missing 
or unclear, please ask me.

Should it be of interest, I intend to use this slightly improved ebml as a 
means of data storage and network communication in some future projects of 

Kind regards,

Remco Bloemen

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