[Matroska-devel] Buggy thumbnail generation

Blutarsky rnoli.ws at cassiopeia.it
Sun Jan 11 18:39:40 CET 2009

I'm using Haali Media Splitter to generate thumbnail in Windows Explorer, using 
the offset option, skipping a few seconds from video begin.

But I'm facing two problems:

- mp4 & wmv thumbnails are spoiled: upside down, or "frame B" (looks like the 
rendering has been done without using keyframes or they are full of "grain"
- 1 out of 2 flv thumbnails are white

regardless of what offset is being used. 
It looks like Haali Media Splitter is doing something wrong, or may I solve the 
problem tweaking ffdshow...
Can someone help?

(the only codecs I have installed are CCCP)

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