[Matroska-devel] Haali Media Splitter chokes with chapters

Philipp Krüger philipp.krueger at gmx.net
Fri Oct 31 22:01:04 CET 2008

Dear devs,

I have silently followed the list recently in the hopes that somebody 
else might've come up with the issue. But now I see myself forced to 
report the following problem:
I am unable to playback a matroska-file with the Haali Media Splitter. 
Now what I am certain of is the following: it has to do with the 
addition of chapters to the file because without chapters it plays fine 
and with chapters it doesn't even go so far as to report an error. 
Graphedit freezes as well trying to render the file.
Haali-Media-Splitter version is and mkvmerge version is 
2.4.0. Any additional info I could supply?


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