[Matroska-devel] ogg based net radio http streams fail

nrm nermo at pp.nic.fi
Mon Oct 27 03:09:19 CET 2008

Unspecified error: Error can't open file ...

I couldn't find the SVN for this so not sure what's the big picture, I 
might've fixed it myself otherwise. Looking at it with debugger it appears 
that after the splitter.ax checks a string for "h" "t" "t" "p" ":" "/" "/" it 
will try to do a CoCreateInstance with null on the first parameter REFCLSID.


Open graphedit or WMP (I'd like this scenario to work in WMP).

Click Render URL or wmp: Open URL (ctrl-u) and put in:

This is a plain http stream, you can try WGET that then press ctrl+c and open 
it in WMP and it works provided haali splitter + ogg decoder is installed. Why 
it doesn't work when opened from the URL instead of file is the question? 
Prevents me from listening to oggcast based radios.

If you point me to the source I could look for a fix incase the dev doesn't 
have time for this issue.

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