[Matroska-devel] Subtitle Scaling based on width instead of height.

Михаил Мацнев mike at haali.net
Tue Oct 14 14:18:07 CEST 2008

Axel Börjesson wrote:
> Steve Lhomme <slhomme <at> matroska.org> writes:
>> Haali's filter doesn't handle the subtitle rendering. It's VobSub (and 
>> its MPC internal counterpart). So that's where changes should be made.
>> Steve
> Does MPC handle the subtitles even as changing the scale within the haali
> menu scales them ? (from 100->80% for example?).
> This is what I really couldn't make any sense of to be honest.
> How exactly does haali scale the subs if they've already been rendered ?.
> And since haali is able to scale them, wouldn't the logic say that fullscreen
> subs would also be scaled the same way?
> This is what made me think it was with haali my problem lay with at least.
> I'll try to find another way to fix it if it's mpc that does the fullscreen
> scaling though :(.
> (And thanks alot for responding ;D)
The SSA/ASS subtitles can be scaled by the splitter, but that is done by altering
font description in SSA headers. This has exactly the same effect as demuxing the
subs, changing font size in notepad and muxing back. The splitter doesn't even
consider width, height, fullscreen or anything related to rendering, because it
doesn't do any rendering at all.

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