[Matroska-devel] Strippable Open DRM platform suggestions

Andrew Abbass andrew.abbass at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 21:07:01 CEST 2008


So I have this idea for an open-DRM format built around Matroska that
incorporates a patronage system to allow consumers to decide on the
value of the media. Something similar to what Radiohead have done with
their last album, but utilitzing an open-DRM to allow the media format
to extend to physical media as well. (ie: CDs & DVDs -

I'd the patronage system to be multi-tiered, allowing consumers who
push media for their favorite artists and serve as the middlemen to
see a return on investment, a percentage still based on the
end-consumers purchasing price.

The 'lions share' of the royalties would be credited to an account
created for the artist when their tracks were first initialized in the
database, with the consumers involved in the (fans sharing with fans,
music stores, etc.) recieving their smaller percentage at the same
time, credited to their own accounts. Deposits and withdraws from
these accounts could be performed through paypal.

The DRM itself should be automatically strippable upon purchase,
minimizing cross-platform issues. The strength of the encryption is
not really an issue if the consumer gets to decide on a purchasing
value, as cracking the encryption instead of just paying '0.00' would
only have the effect of not registering the official ownership of the
track in the database. I can see the database requirements for this
system running large. A single song purchased by millions of people
would require millions of database entries and accounting
transactions. Multiply that by millions of songs and you're going to
require a pretty solid backend.

I'd like to know if anyone else out there thinks this idea might fly.

I can see a tool like this being a big benefit to independent media as
a whole, as it allow a artists to become their own distribution
companies by simply setting up a website and registering some media.

-Andrew Abbass

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