[Matroska-devel] No audio using Haali splitter for TS files with MPEG4-AVC (h264) + AAC data

Florent Viguier florent.viguier at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jul 14 01:33:22 CEST 2008


I'm writing this post because I have trouble reading
TS files recorded from the digital televion service
provided by my ISP (Free : http://www.free.fr/).
I had no problem before because they used standard
MPEG2 (I think it was PS files, at least that's what
I can see in VLC's messages when I open them with it)
that Media Player Classic can parse by itself.

But now they have switched to another format that I can correctly
open with VLC (video + sound), but with any DirectShow-based
program I have video but no audio. In VLC's messages, it says that
it uses the 'ts' module to open the file, that the video codec is
h264, and that the audio is AAC. I'd like to use Media Player
Classic instead of VLC since it can make use of CoreAVC instead
of the slow h264 decoder bundled with VLC (ffmpeg ?). Currently the
video does play using CoreAVC, but as I said, no audio...

When I try to render one of these TS files in GraphEdit, I can
see that Haali splitter is being used, but it has only a video
out pin, but no audio pin. So I guess it cannot read the audio
part of the file. Since these files come from "live" recording
this may have something to do with the lack of header or
something... (I dont know how these TS files work)

By the way, if I use Media Player Classic's internal
"MPEG PS/TS/PVA" splitter, the exact same problem happens.
I also tried changing the file extension to mpg and mp4 but
with no luck.

You can find a short sample file here :
(328 kilobytes only : SD version, so this one works perfectly
in VLC, but my ISP also provides an HD version that I can't read
smoothly with VLC)

The file itself was recorded using a program called
adslTV which I think makes use of VLC to receive the
video stream (RTSP protocol) and save it to a file.

I hope this post isn't irrelevant or in the wrong place.
Tell me if there is a known workaround to this problem.
You can ask me for other sample files if you want.

PS: If someone here knows a DirectShow filter to open RTSP streams,
tell me. I tried Morgan RTP DShow filter, but when I start it,
it just continuously fills up the memory and nothing plays...
And I have to use the task manager to shut down MPC.

Thanks in advance.


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