[Matroska-devel] Matroska fast start

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Fri Jan 11 16:12:41 CET 2008

OT ?? Not at all :-), thanks for the info ....

matroska project admin

Richard Sotke schrieb:
> Am Freitag, 11. Januar 2008 09:09:33 schrieb emanuele fumagalli:
> A little bit off topic, but beside progressive download you could use 
> streaming via rtsp(rtp), with a streaming server like 
> http://live.polito.it/documentation/feng . You can also use Matroska files as 
> streaming source, if feng support a RTP Payload Format for the used 
> audio/video formats. 
> Here is a list off compatible clients:
> http://live.polito.it/documentation/feng_streaming_server/client_compatibility_list  

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