[Matroska-devel] Media splitter inside code

Михаил Мацнев mike at haali.net
Wed Dec 3 09:14:59 CET 2008

Jiri Kula wrote:
> Hello, could you please advice me? I'd like to use Haali Media Splitter 
> filter as a source in my graph. I do not know how to set input file 
> while invoking it's interface on pGraph->addFilter(); It does work with 
> graphbuilder where I choose the filter, insert it into the graph and 
> file open dialog appears. The question again is - how to make it work 
> manually in my code. Could you offer some example source code on this?
> Any kind of help is appreciated.
You need to use a standard IFileSourceFilter interface to load a file.
Query the interface after adding the splitter to the graph and call the
Load method.

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