[Matroska-devel] Hotkeys are needed

Mark fruggy at optusnet.com.au
Sun Apr 27 05:53:40 CEST 2008

I posted before but I'm going to post again because I really think it is 
needed and will benefit EVERY media player out there.

We need some Hotkeys in Haali Media Splitter for multiple Audio and 
Subtitle Streams.

3 Hotkeys are Needed:
Turn     On / Off      Subtitle Language
Change Subtitle Language
Change Audio Language

Why do we need them?

Because in allot of media applications we watch our media files 
fullscreen allot of us do it from our Lounge Chairs using Remotes and 
the current system doesn't work here which is that small popup list in 
the system tray.

For us in order to currently change these streams we have to pause our 
video's then take the application out of fullscreen then mouse over the 
system trey and click the different track.

With the hotkeys we can just quickly press a couple of buttons and cycle 
between the subs and audio and be done for within a couple of seconds 
instead of spending allot longer having to minimize or go out of full 
screen just so we can mouse click something on the desktop.

For multiple Anime/TV episode marathons or 2/3 part Movies this means we 
are basically inducing unneeded breaks into the viewing experience.

And allot (Nearly every MKV) of  Anime Series I have found have found 
that you need to change Every Episodes Subtitle/Audio  from the default 
English to Japaneese with English Subs on play which becomes 26 times 
per series (I personally watch 6 ep marathons and this is 6 times I need 
to do this)

So for me having to drop back to windows 6 times in a night one every 
1/2 hour is makes changing the subs and audio like hard work and I would 
rather watch, collect and recommend to people to use only XVIDs that are 
only in Japanese Audio English subs instead.

If Haali Media Splitter had these hotkeys it would make MKV lovers that 
like the multiple streams happy and allot would use it as It would make 
it soo easy and quick to change streams without ruining the visual 
experience and its probably not that hard to code either for a feature 
that will make thousands of people happy.

Please consider this request because it is extremely needed and will 
make allot of peoples viewing pleasure complete.

Thank You

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