[Matroska-devel] Codec ID namespace and adding a new one

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Mon Apr 14 19:36:06 CEST 2008


> > Sending a mail to this list is probably the best way to make it public.
> > We can add it on matroska.org and Haali can add it to his own page.
> > Matroska.org being the reference anyway.

Just a note to know if anyone has had time to add this to the list yet, and,
while there, a suggested wording for the format of the private data, which
is very similar to that of Vorbis and Theora:

As for Theora and Vorbis, Kate headers are stored in the private data
as xiph-laced packets:

Byte 0: number of packets present, minus 1 (there must be at least one
packet) - let this number be NP
Bytes 1..n: lengths of the first NP packets, coded in xiph style lacing
Bytes n+1..end: the data packets themselves concatenated one after the other

Note that the length of the last packet isn't encoded, it is deduced
from the sizes of the other packets and the total size of the private

This mapping is similar to the Vorbis and Theora mappings, with the
caveat that one should not expect a set number of headers.


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