[Matroska-devel] haali media splitter issues with 1080i Transport

Luke Stepniowski rrluke at tampabay.rr.com
Tue May 15 20:50:47 CEST 2007

I'm using the Haali Media Splitter for playback of ATSC MPEG2 HD 
Transports streams captured from a HDHomerun device. I'm experiencing an 
unusual playback issue when using the Haali source splitter in my 
DirectShow filters. The splitter is introducing what appears to look 
like macro blocking when playing back 1080i content and possibly with 
720p but I can't confirm 100% at this point. Upon further investigation 
it is clear the error isn't source macroblocking. In the most drastic 
instances of the error when an object is shown in the video and moves 
location the initial location of the object still appears garbled while 
the rest of the video is playing back smooth and clear. I can 
replication the issue only when using Haali as the source splitter and 
no other combination of filters after the Haali splitter resolves the 
issue. The errors alway appear at the same point in the video time line 
when seeking back to the bad spot. I can replicate the issue all three 
of my 3 machines. I've verified with no doubt that if I use another 
source filter the playback is 100% error free.

15 second clip showing the issue to test against: 
http://www.majjix.com/tmp/sample051507.ts (when the horse kicks the 

Here is an example of directshow filter (I've tried many combination and 
it's no doubt isolated to Haali Splitter):
Haali Media Splitter -> NVidia Video Decoder / AC3Filter -> VM9 (issue)
File Source -> NVidiaTS Source -> NVidia Video Decoder / AC3Filter -> 
VM9 (no issue)


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