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David Duffy davidnduffy at yahoo.co.uk
Fri May 11 22:22:22 CEST 2007

You either need to get some response from the developers about how this impacts the format spec., i.e. being allowed to use the existing tags or add new ones, or you need to work inside of the format with your own means of determining whether or not something is encrypted.

I asked about DRM a while ago and it went nowhere.
The developer of mkvmerge was kind enough to at least reply and tell me he wouldn't allow user defined DRM and no decisions had been made on how the existing tags in the spec are even going to be interpreted so until the dev's are willing to discuss it it's a dead issue and the format effectively does not support it despite the presence of tags like "EncryptedBlock".

I can't be bothered to push the issue but if you can get a discussion going I can help you out with your project.
Good luck.

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I'm looking for people interested in building a Not For Profit Free
DRM database that will give independent artists a cookie cutter
solution for selling media over the Internet.

I'd like to build it around the Matroska container system as it's the
only truely cross-platform system that I've found that will allow this
kind of system to exist.

I need coders familiar with DRM, as well as people who're willing to
help draft the digital rights (read as: constitution) aspect of the
DRM system.

The key ideas are ease of use, the ability to export a DRM-Free
version for use on any device, and the ability for fans who've
purchased media to resell their unique DRM'd copies.

The closest system this resembles is the Weedshare network, which
recently closed it's doors.

By building this kind of system in Canada, it's possible to bypass the
patent royalties and create a system where the majority of the revenue
goes into the hands of the artists and the consumers, without a large
percentage going to support the corporation that's maintaining the

Thanks for your time.

-Andrew Abbass
andrew.abbass at gmail.com
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