[Matroska-devel] Certain Files Play Too Fast or Too Slow With Haali's Media Splitter

Carlos Garza paiocom at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 5 08:08:54 CET 2007

Hello.  I've noticed that certain files created using
Gabest's Matroska Muxer play either too fast or too
slow using Haali's Splitter.  Furthermore, I've
noticed that these files, muxed from MOV or WMV files,
when viewed using mkvinfo, have a default duration of

(MKVInfo) |  + Default duration: 0.000ms (1.#IO fps
for a video track) at 4564

The files play fine using Gabest's Matroska Splitter
and MPLayer (the SVQ3 encoded files do not play in
MPlayer however).  It appears to me that Haali's
Splitter gives the files a default framerate of ~25fps
when a default duration is not found.  This means that
files that should play at 15fps play too fast and the
files that should play at 30fps play too slow. 
Remuxing the files using mkvmerge does not help.

The problem occurs whether or not there is an audio
stream present.  Interestingly, when there is an audio
stream (muxed directly from the media file or added
later) the audio plays normally.  Although, the audio
may or may not have a default duration element
associated with it according to mkvinfo.

I could add a timecode file to give it a default fps
that closely matches the average fps but weird things
happens to the video (the video pauses randomly) when
I do this.  I could extract and edit the timecodes of
the files but this is a bit intensive when one has a
lot of files.

Of course, this is no longer a problem for me since
I'm moving to Linux.  However, I thought others may or
may not have the same problem so I decided to let you
know about it so you can either correct it or ignore


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