[Matroska-devel] Re: mkvmerge support for Matroska ContentEncodingType

David Duffy davidnduffy at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 2 01:43:17 CET 2007

> > Is there a way in mkvmerge to specify ContentEncodingType to be 1
> > for encryption and set the subsequent ContentEncryption properties
> > such as ContentEncAlgo etc.?
> No. I've thought about implementing it for some time using openssl,
> but I never got around to it.

Why do you need openssl to write those ebml keys?  I'm guessing you
mean to be able to do the actual encryption and then read and decrypt
files that use those properties for re-muxing?
What about just to create a file with those properties set but leave it
up to the user to do whatever encryption of the data they specified
Personally I just want to set the properties without actually having
mkvmerge do any encryption, maybe that could be an option?

P.S. I love the tool, thank-you very much for writing it!

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