[Matroska-devel] Re: DMX

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Sun Jan 28 18:05:43 CET 2007

Steve Lhomme wrote:
> Sergey Hakobyan wrote:
>> Hi Steve!
> Hi Sergey,
>> I've finished changing DMX.
>> Please review the changes so we could finalize the changes. I've also 
>> made small modification to coremake VS proj file so it defines 
> OK, I added the change to the official coremake (in vsproj for now).
>> After you review it please let me know, so that we could talk about 
>> the future of DMX (features/design/coding, etc...)
> I added the code in SVN so that hopefully other people will test it. I 
> also fixed the coremake project that wouldn't work here. Please have a 
> look and see if it works on your side.
> https://svn.matroska.org/svn/matroska/trunk/DvdMenuXtractor
> coremake is automatically imported from the "official" repository (on 
> matroska.org until it moves back to coreforge). You'll need to rebuild 
> it from this to make sure you're up to date.
> I only loaded the app, I didn't try any export and I'm running out of 
> space right now. But I'll give it a try soon.
> One of the things that we may change is do 2 exe, one for the 
> command-line and one for the GUI. Dunno if they should both be all 
> static or use a shared DLL. I usually prefer no DLL though.
> Among the things removed I noticed there is base64 that was used for the 
> DVD commands, are you using the Qt code for that ? I also noticed the 
> A52 decoder was removed but I think it wasn't used so it's not a big 
> problem.
> On the next steps there's compilation of the SVN on Linux and on OSX (I 
> will work on the OS X as I have added XCode support to coremake this week).

PS: One of the things that should be fixed is Unicode support in 
libdvdread. Right now CONFIG_UNICODE is disabled in the config.h but it 
should be added ASAP. If anyone tries to use folders with accents or 
other fun things like that the problem will not for correctly. It 
probably involves hacking the code dirent.c to transform 8bit local 
names to wide chars.


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