[Matroska-devel] dts problem in mkv (modifies samplerate?)

Sbiera Ciprian bzdvinea at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 24 23:22:07 CET 2007

I was redirected from irc channel to this adress. The
problem is as follows: A dts track from hddvd
(riddick) when muxed in mkv becomes 4 seconds longer
(the movie 154 mins) and goes out of sync. The xpl
form disk sais it's DTS-HD (which from the specs I
could find allows lots of channels and 96khz/24 bit).
However ffdhsow, ac3 filter and foobar see it as a
normal dts (and play it fine). I attach a small sample
to look at it, maybe it helps improve some
compatibility with this type of audio. 
I'll be on the channel as "sapiens" these days if you
need me.

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