[Matroska-devel] CodecState and CueCodecState

Mike Matsnev mike at po.cs.msu.su
Mon Jan 15 20:09:43 CET 2007

Moritz Bunkus wrote:
>> I'm OK with all that, but doesn't it raise compatibility issues with
>> the older files ? Since we expect something in CodecPrivate that is
>> not there anymore ?
> The idea is that CodecState is only used if the CodecPrivate changes in
> time. So far this will only be used for MPEG-1/-2 in which the sequence
> headers may change. Of course it destroys compatibility. That's why it
> will only be an option that the user has to "--engage" in mkvmerge. A
> couple of months later I'll make it the default.
I think initial seq header should be placed into CodecPrivate like it is now.
Additional headers should go to CueCodecState. Also a copy of seq header can
be left in video stream, this way sequential playback should work with existing
splitters, and seeking should work with newer code.

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