[Matroska-devel] Re: Matroska

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Tue Jan 2 10:47:41 CET 2007

Christian HJ Wiesner wrote:
> Dear Igor,
> unfortunately i have little time left to invest into matroska right now. 
> I forward this email to matroska-devel AT lists DOT matroska DOT org, 
> our official developer email list. I hope somebody there can help you, 
> especially Mike 'Haali' Matsnev who is also from Russia and a real 
> master of matroska. Please subscribe to this list and direct all 
> requests to there in future, rather than mailing individual members of 
> the team.
> Christian
> matroska project admin
> Igor Hlyupin schrieb:
>>   Hello, Christian.
>>   I am very interested in matroska project. I plan to develop a player 
>> the same as fluxDVD (ratDVD) based on matroska container. I`ve read a 
>> post of Splinter.bk (ratDVD developer and moderator) where he answered 
>> on your questions:
>>    I think the one thing that matroska isn't very well suited is to 
>> represent a complete DVD as intermediate format like ratDVD. 
>> Especially the step to go back to a DVD from the intermediate format I 
>> could imagine a being a problem. When you continue in
>> to this direction you will probably find that you need some more 
>> information (especially in-stream) than you collect today."
>>   He wrote it more then one year ago. Is a conversion of DVD format to 
>> mkv and vice versa  really works correctly? What is better - 
>> DVDMenuXtractor or libdvdnav?

DVDMenuXtractor. The goal of the DVD menu in matroska is to keep as much 
as possible from the DVD. So that the conversion DVD->MKV->DVD loses as 
few information as possible. This is mostly the case. The only thing 
that is not mapped as in a DVD is static frames (bitmaps in menu) which 
are just looped and forced subtitles (that don't exist yet in matroska).

Also it's possible to do a quite good DVD->MKV conversion, there is no 
tool right now to do MKV->DVD.

>>   I plan use matroska as container, USF as subtitles standard and  
>> MPEG-4 AVC as codec of video in .mkv. To develop this I need an open 
>> code of  utilities to extract menu, audio and video from DVD (is it a 
>> DVDMenuXtractor?), convert mpeg-2 into H264, ma
>> y by convert audio formats,  create .mkv file and then restore DVD 
>> from mkv. Are there any tools that could do it and can I get an open 
>> source of such tools to include them in my development? If there is no 
>> such programs could you tell me what open sour
>> ce tools I must use to develop it?
>>   In future I plan to include in this player an Avivo Video Converter 
>> (AvivoXCode) to decrease the time of conversion for users who have ATI 
>> videocard. Do you have any developments of such tool?
>>   May be you know developers of Matroska or developers of  such video 
>> players and codecs who can consult me or can develop what I need? May 
>> be some of them live in Russia?

If you're willing to pay people to develop the missing parts, you should 
contact CoreCodec who's "managing" some of the matroska devs and surely 
would like such tools to exist too.


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