[Matroska-devel] Forced subtitles

Carlos Sánchez carlos at guadalfeo.com
Thu Aug 16 17:22:51 CEST 2007


Is there any way with Haali MatroskaSplitter to set the pair of 
video/subtitle track as with audio/subtitle tracks?

Now we can select automatically a subtitle for an audio language, for example 
with "spa,off;*,spa" witch means that if the audio is spanish do not show 
subtitiles, else show spanish subtitiles. I want to do this with "forced" 
subtitiles, i.e., if the video language is other than spanish show spanish 
"forced" subtitles, independient of the audio language. The configuration 
will be the same as shown (spa,off;*,spa) but with the pair video/subtitle 
track. Many films shows text over the images in it's original language 
(video language) and has "forced" subtitles to show this, but this are all 
done manually I want to know if is possible to do as with audio/subitle 

If not, this will be a good addition for future releases. I think that this 
will need a configuration (as with audio/subtitle) and a flag to in the 
subtitle track to denote "forced" instead of "normal" subtitle track 
because you can have many tracks for the same language and the splitter 
don't know which  of them are the "forced".
One example of this will be the start of the Star Wars that shows an 
introduction to the history that is show in english and in any DVD are 
subtitled automatically with the "forced" subtitles..


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