[Matroska-devel] Stereoscopic playback

David Duffy davidnduffy at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Nov 7 19:13:48 CET 2006

Yes please, a Windows build would be wonderful! :)
Thank-you very much. :)

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On Monday 06 November 2006 22:07, David Duffy wrote:

> Now obviously this isn't a feasible solution for mass producing 3D
> content so... is there support for it already that I didn't see or are
> any of the tool developers planning to add support for this in the
> immediate future?  If not, would a patch be accepted if I can figure
> out how to modify mkvmerge?  Any help would be appreciated.

I've implemented support for the stereo mode field yesterday. mmg is
still missing, mostly because it's already pretty crowded, and I need to
rearrange a couple of controls which takes time. If you want a Windows
build of mkvmerge then just shout.


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