[Matroska-devel] question about the Matroska program

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sat Nov 4 11:42:36 CET 2006

Its impolite to spam 3 mailing lists, just because you are having a 
problem watching a standard MKV file. matroska-users is clearly where 
this email belongs, matroska-devel is for developer communication only, 
matroska-general is about general questions on the matroska project. 
Also, you cant expect people to copy your email adress when replying, if 
you turn to a mailing list for help, you have to subscribe first (and 
may unsubscribe if your problems are solved).

Also, how should we feel inclined to help you with YOUR problem if you 
are not even taking the time to tell us what programs you have installed 
already, and what exactly the error messages are when playing the file 
with them ?

matroska project admin

wangchungtnight at aol.com schrieb:
> To: Chris, or whoever gets this e-mail; 
> I have downloaded a file that is a Matroska file (MKV, MKA) and i 
> don't know which program to download from your website to watch it.  I 
> have tried a few, but none of them seem to work for one reason or 
> another.  I'll list all the specs o n the file that i've got and i'd 
> appraite a respone on which program would be the best for me.
> Format: Matroska files (MKV, MKA)
> Filesize: 1270231 KB
> Video: AVC aka H.264
> Video Size: 704 x 480
> Frame Rate: 23.976
> Language: und
> Audio: AC-3
> Format: 48000 Hz 6 Ch
> then a bounch of title and language stuff that prolly isn't important.
> please let me no what i need to work this file
> -dave miller
> ps this e-mail does not mean that i want to be put on any mailing 
> list. thanks

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