[Matroska-devel] Playback of 3GP files using DirectShow with Haali Media Splitter

Alex Busteed alex.busteed at ttpcom.com
Wed Mar 22 13:22:30 CET 2006

Having installed the latest version of the MatroskaSplitter from
http://haali.cs.msu.ru/mkv/, I would like to play video files in MPEG-4 and
3GP container formats.

I'm using GraphEdit (DirectX SDK application) to verify whether I am able to
play these formats. GraphEdit successfully builds a graph for an MP4 file
when I click "File->Render Media File..." menu and select the MP4 file. The
graph contains Haali Media Splitter source filter, version, which
is then connected to ffdshow Audio Decoder and ffdshow Video Decoder
filters. This graph plays the audio and video correctly - all good.

Now, I then delete the Haali Media Splitter source filter and manually
create another instance of it, this time selecting a 3GP file. I connect the
new Haali filter instance to the existing filter graph and the 3GP file
plays both audio and video correctly - all good.

Now, I delete all filters in the graph and click "File->Render Media
File..." menu and select the 3GP file (the same one that worked when
manually building the graph). GraphEdit complains that it "Could not
construct a graph from this file... The source filter for this file could
not be loaded" - all bad.

Does anyone know why the Haali Media Splitter filter is not selected when
building a graph for a 3GP file?

Interestingly, if I rename the extension of my 3GP file from video.3gp to
video.mp4, a graph is successfully built and both audio and video play

MP4 file contains: (MPEG-4) Apple MPEG-4 Video and AAC LC audio.
3GP file contains: (MPEG-4) Apple MPEG-4 Video and AMR-NB audio.

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