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Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Wed Jan 25 06:48:45 CET 2006


The VLC source code is quite big because it does a lot of things. I 
don't know any "basic" application that uses libmatroska. But if you 
have any questions, don't hesitate to ask on this mailing list or IRC.

As another choice, Mike's parser (Haali) could be a good entry point. 
It's in C, but it will just fine in a C++ code.

Tom Gaudasinski wrote:
> Greetings Steve,
>    I've taken a short look at the VLC code and It's quite overwhelming, 
> but later on I'll troll through it given it's the only option I have. 
> I'm not a big fan of reading source =). Although I'm willing to put the 
> effort in because I personally think your format is far superior to that 
> of AVI. As for C parsers, I'd like to keep it C++ as much as possible 
> due to the fact that I'm still learning C++ (know C fairly well) and 
> want as much exposure as i can get.
> Thanks.
> Steve Lhomme wrote:
>> Hi Tom,
>> Thanks for your interrest in matroska :)
>> There is no documentation for the moment for libmatroska. There are 
>> very basic examples of how to read/write EBML/Matroska data in the 
>> source code. For a bigger example you might have a look at mkvmerge or 
>> mkv.cpp in the VLC source code.
>> Otherwise you can use C parsers like the one from GStreamer or Haali's 
>> one.
>> Steve
>> Tom Gaudasinski wrote:
>>> Greetings,
>>>    I have been reading about matroska for a few days now and am very 
>>> much interested in including read support in my application. I wish 
>>> to use the linux component libmatroska. What I intent to do is have 
>>> my application open an mkv, read the video and audio streams 
>>> (xvid/lame) and decode these streams myself using the respective 
>>> libraries. However I have noticed that libmatroska has no 
>>> documentation, is there any documentation that either the creator 
>>> (robux?) or anyone else has done? I would very much be content with a 
>>> commented example source file that achieves what I need. If someone 
>>> has such a file I would very much be interested in a copy, I can help 
>>> out by documenting what it will help me to learn.
>>> Thankyou
>>> --Tom G.
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