[Matroska-devel] libmatroska documentation

Mike Matsnev mike at po.cs.msu.su
Sun Jan 8 12:50:29 CET 2006

Tom Gaudasinski wrote:
> Greetings Christian,
>    Currently I'm in the design phase for a computer video game engine. 
> Like most game engines, this one will too feature cinematics and 
> therefore I needed a container. Matroska is the only open source 
> container that looks mature and rather solid, I'm however willing to dig 
> through source to find out how to work it. I'll come on the channel for 
> sure if i need some help.
For your purposes this one: http://haali.cs.msu.ru/mkv/MatroskaParser.zip
is a much better choice because of the much simpler api.

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