[Matroska-devel] LibMatroska example question

Armin Müller a1muelle at edu.uni-klu.ac.at
Wed Feb 22 10:04:17 CET 2006


Mike, can you please post me a link to the source-code of your DShow  
muxer? I only managed to get the binary files for DirectShow.


Am 05.02.2006 um 03:10 schrieb Mike Matsnev:

> Armin Müller wrote:
>> I tried the multiplexer from the x264 project and it is really  
>> simple to use and integrate. I managed to get the frame and header- 
>> writing done, but I have still some issues with the codecPrivate  
>> data, which is not so important at the moment.
>> One track for muxing is ok, but my question is, if you plan to  
>> extend the multiplexer to two (or more) tracks. I would need at  
>> least one audio and one video. Although you have written that it  
>> is easy to extend to multiple tracks, it is a rather big challenge  
>> for me. And I don't want to hack some piece of unstable code  
>> together when there will be a multi-track version in near future.
> It depends on who is going to do the interleaving. Writing multiple  
> tracks
> is not a big deal, but ordering frames properly is a more complex  
> task.
> This is fairly important because matroska requires proper  
> interleaving.
> Another possibility is my DShow muxer, this one handles all the  
> multitrack
> issues and also writes cues for faster seeking.
> --
> Mike Matsnev
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