[Matroska-devel] bug in matroska wiht big mpeg2 files

evil77 evil77 at gmx.net
Thu Feb 16 19:29:26 CET 2006

Hello matroska-devel,

  i get a blocky picture from timestamp ~119 minutes on with a mkv
  file(one videostream mpeg 2; original from dvd, one audiostream
  orignal ac3). filesize = 5,5 GB!

  in the irc they told me to report this bug to this emailadress.

  what i did: (all on windows XP SP2)
  1) ripped the dvd "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith"
  wiht dvd-decryptor to my harddisc. (7 vobs) it is s german pal-dvd.
  2) used dgmpgdec146 to get ac3 and m2v file (save project and demux
  video), did this also with Vobedit06.
  3) merged audio and video (wihtout rekrompression) with MKVtoolnix
  (mkvtoolnix-unicode-1.6.5-setup.exe) to an mkv file.
  4) when i play it wiht vlc or media player classik, or via
  MatroskaSplitter.exe in a regular media player the video gets
  blocky from minute 119 on. if i play the original videofile only
  (the *,m2v) it is not blocky!

  if i cut out 5 seconds of the video behind timesamp 119 min, it
  stays blocky on playback (my mediaplayer plays it, vlc doesn't play
  the video).

  if i make a mkv without audio the prbolem stays the same.

  i have cut out a 5mb chunk that shows the error, i can mail it if
  you want.

  i asume that mkv has a problem with large mpeg2 streams.

Best regards,
 evil77                          mailto:evil77 at gmx.net

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