[Matroska-devel] Re: Unknown-> English language tag conversion by Haali splitter

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Thu Apr 13 11:09:25 CEST 2006

Victor Mozgin wrote:
>>> It seems that Haali splitter sets "English" language tags on streams that 
> have 
>>> none. At least that's what I see for video streams and audio streams split 
>>> from AVI files. Can we make it customizable (with the possibility to 
>>> keep "Unknown")? My filter chain depends on it, i.e. if there is a stream 
> of 
>>> unknown audio and a stream of English subtitles (common case of .avi + 
>>> external .srt), then it is assumed that audio is non-English, and 
> subtitles 
>>> are enabled; with Haali audio stream comes as English, so there is no 
> point in 
>>> enabling subtitles.
>>> Thanks,
>> In mastroska tracks, the default language is always "eng" for english. 
>> That's the case even if the language attribute is not set. If you want 
>> to set a track to unknown you have to use "und" (undetermined) for the 
>> language.
> OK, may I ask why? While I can see benefits of always having a determined 
> language tag, it seems that it makes it impossible to differentiate between 
> tracks with "eng" and tracks without the attribute. In any case, I wasn't so 

In Matroska no attribute = default value. So if you don't set 
undertermined, it defaults to english. That's why there is a default 
value! Now the choice of english wasn't a good one, but it's too late now.

> concerned with native matroska containers - they usually contain proper tags. 
> But Haali splitter also supports AVI, and it's not possible to set this tag 
> there (even if it's possible, obviously no one does it; at least all the .avi 
> that I tried are reported by Haali as English, and many of them are not). I'd 
> like to have a way to change the reported language for .avi, that's all. Does 
> it make sense?

Yes. The DivX extensions support that, but I think they use metadata 
(tags) for that.


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