[Matroska-devel] Re: Matroska video blocking problem

Andrew Bromwich a.bromwich at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 06:04:25 CEST 2005

Hi All,

> It sounds like your file only "indexes" the first video track and not the
other one.

I do not "index" any of the streams with my code explicitly so does Matroska
just index the first video stream if this is the case?? I have tried to find
some examples of how to setup indexing properly using Matroska but i haven't
had any luck. Would someone be able to post an example or point me in the
direction of one?

> Maybe you're missing a command-line to do that or it's a bug in the muxing
program (mkvmerge ?)

I have created a "recording software" that takes multiple video and audio
streams and puts them into a matroska A/V file. Is this where is indexing
must be done??

Also i have noticed that when using GraphEdit to render a file using Haali's
splitter (using the "Render Media File" option in the File menu) only pins
for the first video and audio streams are exposed? I havent tried creating
this graph in code but is this a limitation of the filter??



On 10/20/05, Steve Lhomme <steve.lhomme at free.fr> wrote:
> Hi,
> I forward this email to our ML where Haali (who makes our splitter) will
> be able to read it. It sounds like your file only "indexes" the first
> video track and not the other one. Matroska (the format) can support
> index on all tracks, even partial index (called Cue). Maybe you're
> missing a command-line to do that or it's a bug in the muxing program
> (mkvmerge ?) or Haali's splitter that uses the wrong index for this track.
> Andrew Bromwich wrote:
> > Hi Steve,
> >
> > I have been having some problems with what i believe is with the
> > Matroska splitter. I wasnt too sure if posting a bug on the corecodec
> > wesite was the best option or emailing you (so i just emailed you, sorry
> > if this is incorrect).
> >
> > The problem I am having is that I have some video files, with a number
> > of video streams (normally 4 streams) and an audio stream, but when the
> > video streams are seeked through i get a large amount of blocking (or
> > periods of video freezing depending on video decompressor) on the 2nd,
> > 3rd and 4th stream. I did quite a lot of testing with a number of
> > different compressors and decompressors but with the same results. The
> > first screen always seems to work great which is really what is throwing
> > me off! I have not personally really got into the insides of the
> > Matroska splitter or muxer but am guessing that it might be some sort of
> > buffer that has been optimised for single video stream playback?? This
> > problem wouldnt be so much of an issue but the software I am developing
> > requires a fair bit of skipping through the video file, then every time
> > i seek it either blocks up or freezes altogether until the next
> > key-frame comes along.
> >
> > I have also tried a fair amount of testing using a number of different
> > settings with the video compressors i have been using (w.r.t keyframe
> > rates) but this really doesnt seem to make much difference to the
> > outcome either.
> >
> > I do appologise if i have emailed the wrong person (if this is the case
> > can you please point me in the direction of someone who might be able to
> > help).
> >
> > Thankyou,
> >
> > Andrew
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> robUx4 on blog <http://robux4.blogspot.com/>
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