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Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Mon Oct 10 20:40:57 CEST 2005

Hi Erik,

thanks for your interest in our project, especially about converting MKV 
files into other, obviously preferred, formats. However, i am having a 
number of problems with your email :

1. Could you please tell us what program you were using to 'convert' 
your MKV into a 3 GB AVI file ? Do you really think that we have the 
time to guess that ?

2. May we know the purpose of your planned conversion into AVI ?

3. AVI can hold up to 99 tracks in one file IIRC, makes 98 audio tracks 
if one video track is present. So why would you insist in getting 
separate AVIs for every language then ( see 2.) ?

4. MKV is developed to overcome the numerous existing limitations of 
AVI. For this very reason, most MKV files are simply speaking not 
convertable into AVI, depending on the used codecs and if the file is 
VFR or not. What codecs are being used in your MKV file ? Is it VFR 
(Variable Framerate) ? and where did you get it from ?

Thanks for answering our questions, enabling us to help you with what 
you are trying to do (whatever it is)

matroska project admin

OpenDML AVI can

Erik Nguyen schrieb:

> My Name is Erik Nguyen
>          I am wondering if Your making a program that convert MKV to a 
> AVI format and
> also splits up the languages as well.  When i was converting a MKV 
> filr i realize that it
> had no sound and it decompress to a 3GB file.  I want a program thats 
> split them up
> separately.
> like
> one english avi
> one japanese avi
> etc.
> i realize that the converted file was not just one avi but more than 
> one.  And becasue of it i can't seem to make it play one langauge.  
> this lead me to think that the sound was not able to work because of 
> it.  if u have a program that convert it properply can u send me a link
> thank you
> PS  If you don't know any or have a program like that can  you develop 
> one as a project. 

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