[Matroska-devel] VSFilter used in newest Matroska Pack

Nicholas Schell NSchell at uci.edu
Wed May 25 09:52:06 CEST 2005

    Sorry ChrisHJW, I didn't realize I was even speaking to your bot. It was late at night about a week ago and I believe I just opened a msg window using tab and saw Chris in it.

So the problem is rather strange, and it is in the dll being directly distributed by Gabest (I checked the CRC of the dll in your pack and they were identical). For some reason all of the outline/shadow parameters when left on default are extremely higher then they should be. You can see the difference easily comparing VSFilter 2.36 and 2.35, in which 2.36's will have a much larger outline and shadow borders. Here are some pics.


The first is a fixed 2.36. The 2nd is the dll distributed by Gabest. This seems to effect both SRTs and typeset SSAs (which should have their own outline/shadow). And only if you use default VSFilter settings, as I've heard from people who usually have their own customizations for SRT playback do not see this effect at all. Soon as you switch out the dll's you can see this effect.

As far as I know this is only in the Unicode version also, but I would assume that maybe it effects the non-unicode 9x version as well.
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