[Matroska-devel] Haali's parser don't detect MP4-mode2form2 files in MPC

Jaume Sol i Marco jaumesola at wanadoo.es
Mon May 23 12:15:41 CEST 2005


Haali's parser are able to detect mp4 files with mode2form RIFF but is not
the preferred filter at all.
If I try to open these mp4-mode2form2 files in MPC or whatever (tested also
in mplayer2, zoomplayer and GraphEdit) it can't ... but if I manually set
the proper filter sequence on GraphEdit IT PLAYS!!!. So in GraphEdit I Begin
whit Haali's parser + ffdshow video + vireo Renderer and no problem. But I'm
not able to play these files on MPC because Haali's splitter is not the
preferred filter when a MP4-m2f2 file is opened. If I do in AVI or MKV
mode2form2 files then Haali's works properly.
Please help me (or is it a bug on Haali's?)

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