[Matroska-devel] using tags for editions

Mike Matsnev mike at po.cs.msu.su
Wed May 11 18:34:24 CEST 2005

Vincent wrote:
> instead of:
>   Editions
> Edition 1
> Edition 2
> i'd like to see something meaningful in the menu describing these editions - 
> like the info from the tags that i assigned to them. i am not sure if it's 
> already working and it's just me doing smth incorrectly or it hasn't been 
> implemented yet. pls help me to figure it out.
> i have two ordered editions in this file, one of them default, and that part 
> of this project works just fine during playback. to add tags to the editions i 
> took their uids from mkvmerge xml chapter file and created this test file that 
> you can see below. in mmg i used it as a global tag file.
> now firstly this info is not displayed anywhere during playback. secondly 
> opening tags tab in matroskaprop i actually do see that info but all of my 
> entries are mixed up, some are missing and also they don't appear to be 
> assigned to any uids. and if i try to manually do that in the respective box 
> on this tab i only get a list of chapter and track uids - edition uids are not 
> available there. mkvinfo also doesn't display any of my tags under edition 
> entry items.
> so is there a way to make it all work right?
You need to manually set IDs in both chapter and tag files. If chapter
IDs are not set, mkvmerge generates new random IDs each time it is run.


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