[Matroska-devel] Re: Haali's media splitter problem

filewalker playful at gmx.at
Thu May 5 14:18:00 CEST 2005

cps <cps79 <at> inbox.ru> writes:

> Hi.
> Some time ago Haali's splitter stoped opening *.mkv files. I do not
> know, does this happened after update or not, I haven't save old
> installer, but now I get error message every time I trying to open
> matrosska file in any players, except media player classic (it opens
> file using builtin "low merit" filter). The strange thing is that
> haali's splitter opens avi files witout any problem. I've tested this
> issue with XVID+vorbis files, created in VirtualDubMod, XVID+mp3 file,
> muxed by mkvtoolnix (v1.01) and some other files I've found on my disk
> (there even was one with VP6 video stream). I've tryed to
> uninstall/reinstall splitter several times, few times updated it with
> no result.
> I'm using Athlon XP on Windows XP pro SP2, and I'm decoding almost all
> video and audio formats with ffdshow.

I can confirm  this problem with MKV playback with Haali's parser.
In Zoomplayer I get a "List Index out of bounds (-1)" error message and the 
video doesn't begin to play.
After this message Zoomplayer hangs totally up and I have to close ZP within the 
Windows task manager.

I also tried to downgrade to older versions( back to 10.04.2005) of Haali's 
splitter but this error message appears again.
It doesn't happen always. Some files work but some not (although used Codecs 
(XviD/AAC) are the same). All files played fine with Haali's parser at the time 
after muxing.

Now I installed latest MatroskaSplitter from Gabest and it works without any 
problems. No error message with any MKV file, every file works!

So there must be a bug in Haali's parser.

Hope this info helps for debugging

Cu filewalker

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