[Matroska-devel] Checklist for our next pack

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sat Mar 26 16:22:44 CET 2005

Hi all,

i am ok with most of it, but here some additions :

- Wavpack decoder, even if alpha still ( it works great for me here, and 
Kurt Noise tested it extensively with very positive results ). Maybe 
Toff will even have the time to add a splitter until we release the pack
- AC3 filter, as always
- vsfilter, as always
- CoreAAC, as always
- CoreVorbis, as alwas ( note : i wouldnt trust ffdshow for audio 
playback yet )
- matroska muxer, as always

Mechanisms :

- detect old matroska splitter and remove it, or better set VERY low 
merit ( elder Zoomplayer versions will insist on matroskasplitter, 
because of Toff's DShow interface to read track header info, which is 
missing in Haali's splitter )
- detect MPC and disable internal splitter ( like in Haali filter )
- detect  Realplayer and send warning in BIG RED letters
- detect ffdshow settings and DISABLE wmv playback ( important !! 
installing matroska pack 1.0.3 will break WMV playback on some machines )

I hate to admit i have never used ffdshow for Vorbis and AAC audio 
playback, so maybe i am wrong in insisting to pack CoreVorbis and 
CoreAAC in the pack. On the other hand,  both  work great and arent too 
big, so whats the point in leaving them away ?

Other chances :

- we should leave mmswitch out now, its not needed anymore thanks to 
haali's splitter with built in audio switcher
- we should also leave matrixmixer out now, as most modern audio decoder 
filters have built in channel downmixing capability

Comment welcome


Steve Lhomme schrieb:

> Hi,
> Satsuki is OK to make our next pack, but he wants a detailed 
> description of what we want. I actually have no definite idea of what 
> we want. Here is what I can think of :
> - Haali's splitter with only MKV reading enabled by default
> - Disable MPC's internal and MatroskaSplitter
> - FFDShow with H264 support, AAC, Vorbis and AC3
> - vsfilter
> - CoreFLAC
> - CoreTTA
> - RealMediaSplitter
> + should we ship MatroskaDiag ?
> + MatroskaProp with known bugs fixed ?
> + DScaler 5 for MPEG2 decoding ?
> * the same system we had to detect the presence of Real DLLs
> * new icon Betaboy has proposed

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