[Matroska-devel] issues with Haali's parser

filewalker playful at gmx.at
Tue Mar 22 11:06:11 CET 2005

Hi Mike,

A lot of people have been demanding the support of yout parser in Zoomplayer.
So Blight(author of Zoomplayer) reacted...but he found some issues with your 

I quote from Zoomplayer forum:
"There's a bug in the haali filter. If you add directvobsub to the graph and 
then render the filter's subtitle pin, it won't connect to DirectVobSub...

This is why ZP isn't showing subs with the haali splitter.

I'm working to add support for stream-switching and such, but haali would need 
to fix his splitter for subs to work.

Arrgh, his splitter seems to be running over the entire filter list and creating 
each filter, this causes filters with debug-protection to kill ZP while I'm 
working on the code, not to mention, it's slowing down load times if your system 
is full of filters (like mine is).

Edit edit:
Ok, got the code in, next beta, haali's filter will be supported for stream-
switching and also with customized media profiles.

But he must fix that rendering thing and it would be nice if he removed that 
filter-scan thing, it causes a 1-2 slowdown for file load on my system (compared 
to the gabest filter). Not to mention that it might cause instability on some 
systems withs semi-stable filters.

(He should probably call it the "Haali Media Splitter" as it does more than 
matroska now)."[/quote]

Beside Blight some other people have problems to display subs with your filter 
although I don't have problems with subs.

I hope that these last issues can be solved.

Cu filewalker

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