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Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Tue Mar 15 21:59:43 CET 2005

Zen a écrit :
> Steve Lhomme wrote:
>> Support for these codec is easy. But it's true that it looks strange 
>> that we support 3 lossless codec. Especially since some devices would 
>> not be compliant just because of that. Maybe I consider them as too 
>> important. If I had to choose one, it would be Wavpack, because it has 
>> this hybrid mode, which is good for portable players. So maybe I'll 
>> drop the other 2. Having at least one (again, that list in the 
>> minimum) is also a choice of quality vs ease of compliance... In the 
>> other hand TTA is a CoreCodec project and the format itself is very 
>> simple and efficient compared to FLAC. But that would be more a 
>> political choice.
> This is already a political choice to have a lossless codec in a player 
> specification, because nobody in the industry think this is the future, 
> only geeks do this :)

Apple's ALAC ? Used for AirTunes ? It *is* the future in the home. At 
least until bandwidth is large enough to easily handle 96KHz/24bits 7.1 
channels uncompressed (OK, that's /only/ 2 Mbps but with video it's a 
lot more).

> But... If you think it is easy to implement this with every kind of CPU, 
> yes, there is DTS and AC3 in DVD, why not 3 lossless formats? ;-)

Because that makes compliancy harder to get ? We don't want profiles to 
be too simple but we don't want them to be too complex too. Maybe FLAC 
is better for manufacturers because it has a large user base, compared 
to TTA or Wavpack... The choice is still opened. But I like the Wavpack 
hybrid mode a lot (especially for portable devices, where it really 
makes sense).

> And another thing :
> why ID like P, X, T, H? Yes, H = HD player and do on... but : it is easy 
> to know that 1>2, no T<H.
> Maybe class 1, 2, 3, 4 should be better?

Nop, because we can't add profiles in the middle (profile 2.5 ?).
It's not that hard as long as the letters are easy to understand like 
for DVB :
- DVB-S for satellite
- DVB-C for cable
- DVB-T for terrestrial
- DVB-H for handheld

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