[Matroska-devel] Checklist for our next pack

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Mon Mar 14 21:06:08 CET 2005

Moritz Bunkus a écrit :
> Hey,
>>+ should we ship MatroskaDiag ?
> Definitely! It shouldn't be optional to install either. It's a pretty
> important tool for bug testing, and it's small. So there's no harm done
> in always installing it IMHO.


>>+ MatroskaProp with known bugs fixed ?
> Dunno about the state of MatroskaProp, but I think that it's a good
> thing unless it crashes a lot.

I think the 2.7 version had some serious pbs. Maybe Jory should have a 
look first. Also writing tags with it should be disabled. I think it may 
also produce bogus files. So extensive tests should be done if we plan 
to add it.

>>+ DScaler 5 for MPEG2 decoding ?
> How important is that for us? Hmm... I'd say include it but make it
> optional (?).

Using DMX, with just a double click you get your MKV files with DVD 
menus using the same codec as the original. The files are a bot smaller 
than DVDs, so it's still usefull (especially when we have DVD->MKV->DVD) 
so I think it's a good idea to allow this. Even if this use is not 
popular yet. And besides, it's a quality free software.

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