[Matroska-devel] MKV DVD structure & player certification?

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No DVD structure? Don't forget the PC users. Most of the PC users are not
freaks. So the structure should contain a directory with the needed playback
filters and an autorun.inf which check/install the needed filters and start
the playback. So minimum requirement for a MKV DVD should be the usage on
"Pure Windows" with no filters installed.

For standalone players a content.xml in the main directory should be also
available which contains information about the files on the disc. These file
can be read from the player to take the right action (autoplay or show the
content for selection).

My suggestion for the content.xml / player requirements:

+ if the content.xml (the DVD) contains more than one file, the player has
to display the content list. Otherwise the single file is played immediate.

+ each file definition contains:
    - short description
    - description
    - length
    - audio / video field (the file contains only audio, only video or both)
    - video resolution (maybe interested for the player?)
    - video aspect ratio (also interested for the player?)
    - audio information (num. of channels?)
    - additional information (interlaced, progressive, etc for the player)
    - etc

The file definitions from content.xml are displayed if the DVD is inserted
and more than one files are on the DVD. So the user can check the
description, see the length of the film, etc and play the stuff he wants.
Also a player should display these information via OSD when user calling the
"MKV container information" while playback.

What do you think? A DVD structure and/or the content.xml is not an useful


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DigitalRise a écrit :
> Hi,


> We are planning a new DVD player and want to know some points about "MKV
> DVD's". This means:

Great idea !

> 1. Is there an official MKV DVD structure defined like for
> Standard-DVD's or WMV HD DVD's
> (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=41935)?

Nop, we don't have such a thing. The Matroska DVDs would probably be
like DivX CDRs or DVDRs. The user is free to put his files in any
directory. Non .mkv / .mka files should be ignored (unless they are
other file types you support).

> 2. A certificate for DVD Players a la "MKV certified" is available?

Not yet. We are going to redefine (or refine) the hardware profiles we
created a long time ago. They will include the list of codec to support,
the list of features to support, the resolutions, max bitrate, etc.

> 3. If a certificate is available, how to get it?

We'll create some test files for each profile. But we don't have any
"official" certification planned. It might come when we define the logo
to put on hardware devices (like yours).

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