[Matroska-devel] PixiShow & ChronoSub

Luca Della Santina lucads at email.it
Thu Jun 30 20:30:12 CEST 2005

>I'll see what I can do, Im a bit busy atm
>but I'd like to test USF features more, in the near future.
>BTW, USF specs are already finalized?
>Against which specs am I supposed to test it?
USF scpecs are not finalized so there is room for improvements. You can 
test against the latests unmei's proposals 
Unfortunatrly i'm also a bit busy with work during these weeks, so don't 
expect any updates until the end of the next week.

>At least you MUST escape &, <, and > as &, <, and >
>and single-quote character (') MAY be represented as "'"
>Otherwise, general XML parsing lib will be foobered and complain 
>it's not a well-format xml.
I'll change ChronoSub according to your suggestions as soon as possible, 
Thank you.

>I have yet another big question about ChronoSub.
>Doesn't it have [G]?--I mean [G] as in Sub Station Alpha or in 
>Sabbu, the key to "Grab" the timing.
>I can edit things on ChronoSub but I cannot time from WAV,
>which means, basically no fansubbers will use this.
In ChronoSub there is no need of a [Grab] button: After you created a 
new script and opened the audio file for timing, simply select the audio 
interval of the sentence you want to sub, then write the spoken text in 
the dialogue textbox and hit Enter key (in the dialogue textbox), a new 
subtitle with the selected time interval will be added to the list, 
quite faster than having to press [Grab] everytime.
Similarly, you can change a certain subtitle's timing by selecting the 
subtitle from the grid, changing the audio start/end points from the 
waveform displayer and hitting Enter key in the text dialogue, the 
current line will be updated with the new times (or the new dialogue if 
you changed it).

>PixiShow is going to be the USF renderer?
>Or is it going to be support SRT/SSA etc in the end?
>It'd be great if it's going to be an alternative VSFilter,
>just like Haali vs Gabest Splitter.
>VSFilter is reallly great, but having a second option is 
>generally very helpful in many meanings.
PixiShow actually supports only usf, i'd like to have a good support of 
that format before expanding capabilities.But I also like to extend 
PixiShow format support to srt /ssa /ass, so it can be a valid 
alternative to VSFilter.
The road is long, and i need to work more with unmei in order to realize 
a good multiformat architecture for the renderer.

>I mean, if you want to put the charcter ' in '' 
>then the character ' have to be escaped as '
>if you want to put the character " in ""
>then the character " have to be escaped as "
><foo bar="It's OK">
><foo bar='It's not OK'>
><foo bar='It's OK too'>
><foo bar="Quotation "like this" is not OK">
><foo bar="Quotation "like this" is OK">
><foo bar='Quotation "like this" is OK too'>
Very clear examples liisa, thank you very much. :)

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