[Matroska-devel] USF: PixiShow, Ruby Tested, a ChronoSub bug

liisa seelie at faireal.net
Sun Jun 26 02:47:29 CEST 2005


I'll resend this mail as the first one seemed to fail.

I had some time to test PixiShow a little.
Among other things, I tested Ruby.

Considering that this filter is still alpha,
the result is quite satisfactory.

Keep up your great work =)

For those who are interested,
GraphEdit/video screenshots,
sample USF and sample MKV are here:


In my test, PixiShow_20050619.exe didn't regsvr32 properly,
so I regsvr32'ed the filter manually.

Plus, I had to configure Haali filter, so that
VSFitler compat. will be "No".

ChronoSub is poor at handling special characters.
For instance,

 Alice & Bob: Oh?

would be like this in SSA/ASS:

Dialogue: ... ,sty1,Alice & Bob,0000,0000,0000,,Oh?

ChronoSub converts it into this USF element:

<text style="sty1" speaker="Alice & Bob" effect="">

which should be

<text style="sty1" speaker="Alice & Bob" effect="">


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