[Matroska-devel] Re: Matroska-devel Digest, Vol 26, Issue 9

Luca Della Santina lucads at email.it
Mon Jun 13 17:55:16 CEST 2005

>I create subtitles vith U96.
>All external USF subtitles wÏrks fine, embeeded USF subtitles don`t work (All players crash).
I'm also experiencing bugs in matroska-embeeded subtitles, can you try 
rendering the file with GraphEdit instead of your video player? if it 
reports "graph can't change state" on the crash point, then you're 
probably experiencing the bug i'm trying to solve now, if the error is 
different or if no error is reported but only crashes occurrs, please 
send me the USF file you created, and tell me the videoclip 
characteristics (codec, decoder, audio type); i'll try to reproduce it 
on my workstation.

Another bug i'm currently fixing is an infinite loop when "wrap" 
attribute is set to "auto" and a line longer than the video width needs 
to be rendered. So expect a bugfix release, but not a quick one since 
i'm quite busy in this period.

><text alignment="BottomCenter"><font color="#FFE1E1E1">USF <font color="#FFD20000">subtitles test</font></font></text></subtitle>
>But embeeded USF subtitles work, if look so:
><text><font color="#FFE1E1E1">USF </font><font color="#FFD20000">subtitles test</font></text></subtitle>
@everybody: Is the first notation xml compliant? (i'm sure about the 
second one but not about the first one)

> Hi, thanks for testing. Can you try to make the USF subs with ChronoSub
>from http://sourceforge.net/projects/medusa intead please ? Maybe this 
>is an incompatibility between U96 and ChronoSub ?
I found and solved a problem when creating USF files with ChronoSub, the 
Alpha channel value is inverted compared to USF specifications, so 
you'll se full transparent subtitles instead of opaque ones. A bugfix 
release is also planned in the short period for ChronoSub.

Thank you very much for the bug report.

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