[Matroska-devel] Re: synchronized playback of several videos

ChristianHJW christian at matroska.org
Thu Jul 21 23:59:07 CEST 2005

Oliver Koenig schrieb:
> About two years ago - working for a summer job - I started looking for a
> possibility to play back stereoscopic videos in 720p HD resolution.  
> Therefore
> it was necessary to play back two different streams perfectly simultanuous.
> As all available and affordable solutions were only able to handle PAL 
> or  NTSC
> (normal DVD-playback) I decided to create my own solution.

Just so you know :

matroska multimedia container can hold any number of video streams 
inside a single file, and will even allow for different codecs and/or 

mkvmerge supports muxing of these files already since more than a year, 
and on DirectShow we recently added video stream switching into our 
current matroska splitter filter. Sad tough, that DShow will not easily 
allow displaying two video streams simultaneously, Xine would definitely 
be much better suited for this.

I dont know if Xine's matroska parser code would allow to add playback 
of more than one video track from a single MKV file at the same time 
easily, or switching between the tracks. Responsible dev to answer.

matroska project admin

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