[Matroska-devel] could video stream switching be made even smoother?

Vincent nise at newmail.ru
Sat Jan 29 13:39:16 CET 2005

it cannot happen instantly - ok, a certain delay between user's command and 
the moment another video stream can begin to play is inevitable.

but a few things could still be done i think to make this period of time look 
better. it seems like matroska splitter just stops both video and audio upon 
user's choosing the menu option, then after a little while the set of new 
video and same audio starts to play. this a/v blackout sort of delay is very 
short but still quite noticable. i was wondering if filter's logic in this 
could be changed a little to something like what they use, say, in windvd. 
after user switches angles in a multiangle title there's no halt in playback 
at all - same video and audio continue to play, the splitter (or whatever it 
is in windvd) just starts preparing the required new video stream for 
rendering. then when its ready it just swaps the two streams and that is 
totally transparent to the user - he wonders if he's really now watching the 
new angle or it's just a new scene in the first video stream. as regards to 
the audio it is never in any way interrupted during this process at all.

could something like that be implemented in matroska splitter too?

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