[Matroska-devel] making splitter.ax system default for AVIs, audio stream switchers

Vincent nise at newmail.ru
Fri Jan 28 10:58:13 CET 2005

i'd like to have a way to get my system to use haali's splitter for avi files 
as well as for mkvs. thus i could finally get rid of using audio stream 
switchers whatsoever which would be a great idea for so many reasons.

right now as i understand i can only force its use for avis in graphedit. cos 
i tried lowering quartz.dll's avi splitter's merit to as low as do_not_use and 
raising matroska file's merit to the highest and still system can't find a 
splitter for avis in that case. using overrides in media player (pointing out 
preferred filters) doesnt work for this either. it's like the filter only 
registers itself as matroska splitter and its avi functionality remains 
hidden. so i was wondering if its possible to change the way the splitter 
presents itself to the system and make it install as avi splitter as well. 
maybe just with some lower merit by default than that of quartz.dll's one - 
for the majority of those people not interested in making such "drastic" 
changes to their systems. those who are on the hand may benefit from that by 
simply changing merit hierarchy to build their graphs the way they want them 
to be.

also, speaking of buggy/incompatible audio stream switchers.. i guess i can 
ask a question about mmswitch here too cos matroska team used to come up with 
a fixed version of it. will there be a new release/fixed version of it anytime 
soon? cos this one in 1.03 pack as you probably well know is far from being 
flawless. in wmp10 for example it messes up playback of videos with mono audio 
(audio plays realll slow and makes a laughingstock out of any such movie 
file). with this filter i also have audio playback problems with some of my 
mpeg2 movies (not necessarily mono) in that player. though i have to 
acknowledge in most other cases it seems to be still ok while other versions 
like 0.97 or 0.99 original don't work with wmp10 at all.

if both or at least one of the above options for switching audio streams were 
available this world would definitely be a better place. right now one is 
forced to choose a player within only a certain range of players with built-in 
switchers - which is quite depressing (i like for example wmp10's gui best of 
all and that's pretty much all i care about when i want to enjoy my movies - 
no matter how mediocre in functionality this player is). besides, using such a 
switcher sometimes causes further constraints like using some specific audio 
decoder (say in MPC i get crashes every now and then when trying to use 
ac3filter+MPC's switcher instead of player's built-in (quite lousy) ac3 

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