[Matroska-devel] Re: seeking is borked in 2nd segment of twosegment mkv file + a prob with chapters

Vincent nise at newmail.ru
Tue Jan 25 11:28:11 CET 2005

Paul Bryson <paul <at> msn.com> writes:

> > however haali 
> > splitter's
> > tray icon menu still omits this symbol in its list of chapters. at the 
> > same
> > time core media player using this same splitter still gets it right in its
> > context menu (media streams -> mkv chapters). so perhaps haali could fix 
> > this
> > issue in the next build of his otherwise totally fantastic splitter. as 
> > well
> > as this "browsing thru second segment" problem described in the beginning 
> > of
> > this thread.
> Haali said that he just fixed this issue.
>  <Haali> Atamido: fixed
> Atamido 

prob #1 solved - thanks a lot.
prob #2 isn't quite so - "working" seeking bar for the 2nd segment kind of 
shrinks to like 1/3 of the actual player's seeking bar. within that one third 
of the actual bar i can browse throughout the entire second segment. but if i 
click somewhere in the remainder of the actual bar progress indicator just 
snaps to the beginning of it. then depending on the player (i tried several of 
them) either 2nd or or even the 1st segment starts to play from beginning.

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