[Matroska-devel] Re: seeking is borked in 2nd segment of two segment mkv file + a prob with chapters

Vincent nise at newmail.ru
Mon Jan 24 00:35:06 CET 2005

this seems to be a player/splitter specific problem. i did some more testing 
and found out that for this same file the chapter name is shown correctly in 
core media player and in windows media player 6.4. however haali splitter's 
tray icon menu still omits this symbol in its list of chapters. at the same 
time core media player using this same splitter still gets it right in its 
context menu (media streams -> mkv chapters). so perhaps haali could fix this 
issue in the next build of his otherwise totally fantastic splitter. as well 
as this "browsing thru second segment" problem described in the beginning of 
this thread.

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